Taylor Swift Teases Zayn Malik: Greeting Malik On His Birthday With Their Fifty Shades Darker Video

On Thursday, as Zayn Malik has buzzed his 24th natal day, the English singer-songwriter has received an exceptional nod from Taylor Swift, his new collaborator.
Swift has posted a photo of Malik and herself in shade, submerged in a water in blue light. She placed a caption “HAPPY Z DAY” on it, said Mail Online.
Looking at the photo, one could tell that it was from the music video “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)”. This has been the cut of the eponymous film’s soundtrack that they have done.
The picture has shown the two singers together, who stand back to back. They stood so tight to each other, with both faces in opposite sides. Malik’s face was so close to the camera.
With co-writers Jack Antonoff, who has been Lina Dunham’s boyfriend and Sam Dew, a love-hate thing song writer, Swift co-wrote the song that hit on December.
The Sun iterated that the video was filmed in St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. It has left the room in a bad condition.
It has been quoted in the article that a source told Malik to wreck the hotel room in with discarded things, such as tearing the pillows apart, destroying the lamp by bumping it to the wall.
On the other hand, the contemporary’s one of the most popular singer, Swift has lit the curtains on fire and cracked-up the bathroom’s mirror.
The source added Zayn has worn a dapper and Taylor had herself wore garters and heels on their daring and well-schemed video.
At Nando, Malik made a follow-up shoot, whereas Swift went back to Nashville and left the former One Direction member, cited Wn.
On 10, February, the second installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy will be launched in UK and US cinemas. It has been based on the EL James books.


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