Confucius Quote and Education

                                         I see and I forget. 

                                        I hear and I do not remember. 

                                        I do and I understand.



                   This famous quote is common to our ears, but only a few understand the essence of these three lines. The significance of this three-line verse should be inculcated in the minds of the educators.

                   Nowadays, there are a lot of kindergarten schools, elementary schools, high schools, public or private that are sprouting everywhere. But what methods of teaching are they following? What philosophy of education are they applying? 

                  Well, no school can ever claim that it has the best method and philosophy of education. Yet, a school needs to adhere to a certain philosophy which should be best for its learners. By employing the principle that a school follows, it can operate holistically. As an institution providing education to children / learners, the school should ensure the quality of the education that the learners will gain. To achieve such one thing to be considered is the learning environment which should be conducive to learning.

The most significant among all is the growth and development of the child. 

                 Learners should be exposed to a dynamic learning process. If they are just bombarded with lectures and employing them the copy and answer and answer system, then it is not learning .When learners are found sitting quietly and obediently on their chairs and passively answer questions raised by the teacher or passively receiving the information given by the teacher, then learning has not occurred . It is just a process of transferring the input and place it to its memory.

                Learners are considered ” tabularaza ‘” or a blank sheet so what is being fed to their minds are just filled into their memories but it does not mean they understand the facts given to them.

                This is now how this quote “I see but I forget, I hear but I do not remember, “I do and I understand”, comes in. This verse resembles to John Dewey’s   “Learning by Doing “. Learners should be given activities that would make their minds work and manifest it in front of the class to see if they have learned something throughout the learning process. Feeding them information is not enough, they will just forget it in certain point of time. Thus, what they have heard, they could not remember it as the days fold.

              Letting them view things which are related to your topics is not an assurance that they understand everything no matter how spectacular and amazing are those visual materials, the memory of it will fade as time flies.

              But when you ask them to role-play, act, or dramatize a favorite scene of a movie or story, that experience is something very meaningful to them and they could not forget it to the rest of their lives that once upon a time they became actors and actress in their class.

              Experiential learning or learning by doing is essential in a classroom setting. Educators should not forget that the child’s own instincts, activities and interests should be the starting point of education. Important skills such as problem solving, cross-word puzzle or any language games, and math concepts will be developed, if they are allowed to move freely in and out of the classroom and explore themselves.

            Field trip or educational tour, is an experiential and meaningful learning as they explore their surroundings. When theory is applied, the understanding comes in. Thus, a learner could proudly say “I do and I understand”. A learner will never know the size of a circle unless they measure have measured it.

            Therefore, learners must be expose to different learning tools and learning activities to apply the theory they have learned on that day.

             Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.




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