Reading and Why Do We Need To Read?

Reading is a subtle and complex process that involves sensation, perception, comprehension, application, and integration. Reading is the process of getting meaning from printed word symbols. It is not a process of making conventionalized noises associated with these symbols. It is the basic tool for learning in all subject areas. But, why do we (need to) read? Most of us read because it gives us pleasure of knowing, feeling, acting, learning, or of escaping from our own limited worlds. We are able to go beyond ourselves, to be other people, to be in other places, and to do other things. Through the projection of ourselves into the lives of characters in books, we learn about ourselves and our relationship with other fellows, something about the general truth of being a human being. It is this knowledge that is the most important reward books have to offer; through it come compassion, sensitivity, insight, taste and judgment.

Experts agree that reading is the golden key to the world of enlightenment and enjoyment. In our daily lives, 80 percent of the things we do involves reading. We read recipes in cookbooks, instructions on how to do things, labels of canned goods and other products, menus in restaurants, street signs, advertisements, and many other printed forms in notices and announcements. To know more about places or things, we read periodicals and non-fiction books. For our relaxation, we read fiction, comic books, and light, humorous stories. When we study we do a lot of reading.

Truly, through reading, we can ponder the mysteries of the world, explore accumulated knowledge, and contemplate the unknown.

Thus, everyone is encouraged to read to fill the mind with worthwhile things which can be applied in daily life activities. Through it, one can live life to the fullest with the wisdom he begets from the books read.

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