On Heart’s Day

Veraciously greet your loved ones a happy heart’s day,
Allotting a special  time to them today is  a moment of gay,
Love on this very day should be expressed not only in words but also in deeds,
Endeavors which make the relationship stronger, to endless love it leads,
Noteworthy things you have done like the quality time spent, which they had happily      embraced
Treasurable it would be, that would linger through the years,
Illumination of heart and mind about being valued built-in memories,
No worldly things could ever replace to the joy it brings,
Everlasting love and respect reign between darlings and siblings,
Satisfaction of hearts is what everyone possessed,
Delightful soul is seen on faces because love exist,
Awesome to see family, couples, and lovers, when love dominates,
Yelling out loud “a happy valentines day” to their mates.

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