DeGeneres Relates The Plot of Disney’s Finding Dory toTrump’s Mandate

American comedian, Ellen DeGeneres has expressed her stand on the executive order that President Donald Trump has recently released. The television host has utilized the plot of one of the most popular cartoon movie “Finding Dory” as her way of showing her standpoint on immigration and refugees.

DeGeneres who has been an actress, writer, and producer, vocalized the main character of the Disney hit “Finding Dory”. Meanwhile, Trump has spent his time on the weekend at the White House hosting the screening of the film in animation, said the Fox News.

On Monday, on her TV talk show, DeGeneres has given an analysis of the fish that she vocally-portrayed which stuck on the enormous wall of an aquarium. She said that confining Dory and some other fishes was a futile move for it would not stop them to mull over on how to be to be back to the ocean. Thus, confining them and blocking them into the large wall has no impact, according to Miami Herald.

Furthermore, Degeneres added that Dory got an aid or help from other creatures in the sea regardless of their differences in color. The host concluded that the act of the sea creatures of helping Dory was just right because it was what someone ought to do when somebody needed a help.



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