Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s Fight Upsets Isaac: Fans Bash Lowry

The Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry, had the cameras on to shoot in advance some scenes for the show. It was revealed that on summer Javi Marroquin went home, however, the flick which had just shown on air exhibited the actor’s dealings Kailyn, Isaac, and Lincoln. It has been reported that Lowry was alleged to be deceiving her husband.

Marroquin has been involved in a rumor that he was disloyal to her wife for cheating her as well. The real story has remained unknown, yet the fans had thought of it to unfold that it affected Isaac who was disturbed on how his parents came into it. Kailyn Lowry has said that she would hear a dispute with her husband from Jo Rivera who has been her ex-boyfriend and the father of Isaac. Lowry added that she would do it for the sake of her son who has been fed up, Radar Online said.

Harsh fans have been bashing the actress. Lowry has received all the rude and disgusting names from the fans who scrutinized her on her parenting abilities. This had happened for weeks which caused Marroquin to appeal to the fans to stop bashing. Till Lowry has decided to defend herself against the haters.Through her blog, the Teen Mom 2 star had written an open letter for her haters. Regardless of how Lowry had explained herself, the opinion of the people about her cannot be changed anymore.

Speculations have been circulating that Lowry has to leave Teen Mom 2. Though she had considered it her means of living, she has set her mind when she will be done with her studies there would be no more reality show. For years she has lived a life being a public figure and she been doing good.

The episode of Teen Mom 2 last week, the actress was seen chasing around Marroquin. Though her relationship with her husband has become controversial, the fans were aware that there would be a heavy drama on their break-up and divorce issues. The fans felt the pain of Isaac on how he had handled the situation, said the Hollywood Gossip.

The reunion of Teen Mom 2 has to be taken soon and definitely. Lowry has to iterate a lot with Dr. Drew Pinsky on the hot seat.


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