Mariah Carey launches “I Don’t” single: All Eyes Set to Mariah and Tanaka’s Display of Affection

Mariah Carey seemed to have moved on from her broken engagement with the Australian businessman and investor James Packer. It appeared that the singer-songwriter has been bestowed with all the best, a new video featuring the song “I Don’t “, a new hit, and most of all a new lover.

At the launch party of her newest song “I Don’t”, the singer revealed that the single tells about her failed engagement. Though it was about it, Carey looked happy with the presence of Bryan Tanaka, her recent boyfriend who has been her backup dancer for years. All eyes were set on the singer and of course on her beau. The couple displayed their affection in public through kissing, laughing and dancing each other in front of the cameras, according to MCA.

The pop icon’s newest hit has been very controversial for it has shown her actual wedding gown of the unpursued union with her billionaire boyfriend. In the video,  the singer set the gown into the blazing fire. It has been reported that the gown cost  £200,000.

On her newest hit was an expression that she has moved from the ill-fated engagement. In real-life, did the singer really have moved on? Whether the singer’s action in the launching party with Tanaka was just a performance to show that she has moved on or for real, what was important was that Carey looked so happy that whole night which was noticed on her pretty face.

Way back at the start of 2016, Mariah Carey got herself engaged to James packer, a media mogul, but rumors circulated that the two had split in October prior to their wedding date.

Speculations followed then that her billionaire boyfriend discarded her for her overspending and luxuriously spending on her “Mariah’s World ” show. It was where the singer spen£80,000 per month over exotic flowers she sent for herself wherever the show was, revealed a friend close to her, said The Sun.

The 46-year-old singer said that she adheres in true love and she won’t quit finding in spite of the two failures that she had with her exes.



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