Ed Sheeran Discloses Taylor Swift’s Secret on Safeguarding Music

007(TAYLOR SWIFT AND ED SHEERAN DATING?! …What If? | The Ship Up/Awesomeness TV/Youtube/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf1SuXhvqbs)


Taylor Swift’s song has never been heard that  it leaked to people before it is launched. It would really never happen for Tay  (Swift) would do everything to make it impossible to transpire, Ed Sheeran revealed.

The singer of the hit song”Thinking Out Loud” unveiled that Swift had taken extra effort and would safeguard at wide breadths for her music to be preserved. In fact, she was so keen engaging with people who would ship her song across the globe to keep it shielded, said ENews. 

The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, Sheeran added that Swift had never sent new songs. It is definitely a big no for Tay to do that, according to Just Jared in an interview with the singer. Furthermore, he said that “I hear them but it has to be with her.”

Moreover, Sheeran, Swift’s friend, said that when he can’t get to hear his friend’s new song, it means that she has appointed people to do it.

Sheeran recalled that when he did a song for Swift’s album while in San Francisco, Tay had her messenger flew over and met him. The messenger had brought along a briefcase which was tightly locked with an iPad. It had a song on it which the messenger played and surprisingly it was the song that he had done for Tay, according to NME.

It had a song on it which the messenger played and surprisingly it was the song that he had done for Tay. After playing, he was asked whether he liked it. Of course, the singer-composer said “Yeah”. Thus the messenger flew back and that was it, that’s how he has heard the music.

Apart from sharing on how  Tay kept her music protected, he disclosed that the factor of being unpopular had helped him and Tay become successful in the industry. He said both of them were not popular when they were a school kid. Then all of a sudden they become the most popular.What motivated them to become successful was the underdog element that they had experienced. He explained that he has been told that he can’t make it and he would never be like.

This drove him and his friend as they have shared common wants. Tay looked forward to as the biggest female artist and while he would be the biggest male artist.

Thus, for those who undermined him,  “F_ _k  you, I can.” is Sheeran’s message.





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