Brangelina Divorce Update: Jolie Schemes a Show in the Plane for Brad Pitt Unveiled

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - February 05, 2014

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce case eventually turned messy as the investigation progressed for more shocking revelations were coming out in the open.

Prior to Jolie’s case filing, it has been rumored that the plane incident was what convinced her. It has been said in the incident that Pitt had a physical fight among one of his kids, Maddox. Through the said occurrence, the Hollywood actor was subject to investigation of child exploitation, HNGN cited.

But, the investigators upon the progress of the case had found something that could be used to as an evidence to put into weight over the case. In Touch Magazine, it was disclosed that Jolie intended to set up Pitt for him to turn out of having flaws to the public and to his six children as well.

The recent report clamored that the incident has been set up by Jolie and everything that transpired was absolutely prearranged. This would then accused the actor of a child abuse. To spread over the crusade against the actor was the other intention.

The couple’s fans are disgusted about the divorce battle which apparently turned dirty with a lot of surprising facts that were unveiled as the investigation continues.

According to rumors, before the actress filed a divorce, she covertly rented a house as her hiding abode along with her children and all of a sudden she came out in the open to break an outrageous news which the actor was fully heedless. With her moves, there was an underlying question that puzzled everyone if she really set up everything as the means of going about for a divorce battle.

As for the moment, the couple’s combined assets cost $400 million caused the divorce to be horribly dramatic for the ex-couple to be. According to a report, the prenuptial agreement was fix and rigid, yet the two fought over their rights to all the dollars that they owned.

However, thanks to Jolie’s crusade, for Pitt has no plan to break up his assets because prior to their marriage the actor owns the bulk of it.


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