Heaven Sent

I never expect that God will fulfill my dreams. It is just a dream that I desire so much in life. In fact, I am so desperate and I think it will never happen because in the first place I neither have a man nor I am in a relationship.

However, thinking that I will turn 40 to the soonest, it urges me to dream more and to think big that it will happen through God’s grace. May it is sent by the Holy Spirit, just like Mother Mary’s conception or I could instantly have a man and impregnate me.

The crossing of fingers never stops until a man gives me a sweet smile. He seems interested in me. He makes the first move to introduce himself and dares to ask details about me. I discover that he works on my workstation as well. It is difficult to know each other because the station has more than 500 employees.

He then courts me. Though in a rush, I keenly observe his character and his attitudes. A man full of wisdom, talents, and skills, what else will I look for? This man is not ugly. I never give a second thought anymore.

The days unfold and my desire to have a baby is on fire like a sine qua non for survival. The insinuation is the only way to have that baby be born. Thus, in two months time, I realize that I never have my menstruation and yes I am pregnant.

That makes my whole life complete. The most precious gift I have ever received. She is a miracle, with my age and my better half’s age, a miracle indeed! I always want to know how my baby is. Every day is a very exciting day. I am very eager to know my baby’s gender, it’s like I can’t wait for the coming months to come to have the ultrasound.

Eventually, the gender is revealed. It’s a baby girl! The news of the doctor makes my heart beats so fast. God grants my wish because the angel that He gives me is a girl.

Finally, on New Year’s Eve, my tummy aches because the angel kicks off. They rush me to the hospital. There and then, she cries out loud as I become weak and go to sleep, after watching her beside me.

On January 2, I take her home. My colleagues and friends visit in the house and there I receive compliments that my angel is a very good-looking. In short, they all find her beautiful.

“What a heaven sent! “, exclaim the people who see her. From that time on, I call my baby and the rest of our clan call her Happee-Heaven Sent. 921


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