Ariana Grande to return to Manchester; The unanticipated come back

Melvin Benn, the manager of Festival Republic which also promoted Ariana Grande’s “One Love Manchester Benefit” concert has acknowledged the American singer and actress, as well Scooter Braun, the modern pop icon’s manager for enormously carrying out the foundation just over a week after the incident.


Benn disclosed to Billboard that it was Ariana who conceptualized of organizing this event. He also revealed that though the 23-year-old singer was completely disturbed of the outbreak, to aid the innocent people affected by the act of terrorism, to exhibit a degree of opposition to the malignity, and to let the terrorists know that they cannot halt us was very significant to the pop icon, ABC News cited.


The Festival Republic manager spoke to Variety that he never anticipated that the singer-actress will quickly resume to the limelight subsequent to the blitz of Salman Abedi, the alleged suicide bomber who wiped out 22 people at the end of the pop icon’s concert nine days ago.


Moreover, Benn said, “For such a young woman to have the bravery to stand up and do that, I think every act should take notice. By coming back, not just to get on stage, but to get back on stage in the city where it’s happened. It’s inspiring.”


According to the previous report, Braun contracted the acts such as Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell, Usher, Take That and Niall Horan and arranged everything in order to have all the acts especially having Coldplay back to the singer-actress touring band.

Furthermore, Benn, the manager of UK’s largest festival and event promoter, iterated that he would encourage the Manchester United Soccer Team to begin a match sooner than expected with at least one hour and a half before the show has to start to entertain the crowd instead of thronging in the concert venue near the stadium.


The event organizers had planned to have media like BBC TV, Radio and U.K.’s Capital Radio Networks to acquire in advance it’s usual programming to air the show.

For the Festival Republic manager, “It’s a phenomenal commitment, especially from BBC TV,” which will air the entire show” Billboard cited.


Grande postponed her concert tour after the incident, however, it will restart next month, subsequent to her benefit concert at Manchester.



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