China appeals N. Korea to end missile tests, resume negotiations

On Sunday, Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, asked Ri Yong Ho, the North Korean Foreign Minister to abide by U.N. resolutions and to stop aggravating the international community’s goodwill with nuclear testing and missile launches.

Wang Yi disclosed to the reporters in Manila that he got a chance to discuss matters to Ri Yong Ho during the sidelines of a regional meeting. He revealed that hours after the meeting the U.N. Security Council unanimously ratified strong new sanctions against Pyongyang for intensifying missiles and nuclear programs.

Wang revealed they have a thorough discussion when China asked North Korea to remain calm. In fact, he told Ri not to defy the decision of the U.N. or aggravate the international community’s goodwill with missile launches or nuclear tests, added the Chinese foreign minister.

In addition, Wang asked as well to South Korea and U.S. to cease adding tensions. All sides should be back to arbitrations.

Wang Yi urged the other governments to resume the six-nation talks which include the United States, North and South Korea, Japan, Beijing, and Russia, according to an earlier report on Sunday.

Moreover, Wang said, “The aim is to bring the peninsula nuclear issue back to the negotiating table and seek a solution through negotiations until the denuclearization of the peninsula and the stability of the peninsula are achieved.”

In 2009, North Korea quitted on the talks to protest the international conviction of a long-range rocket launch. A month ago, it launched a test of two intercontinental ballistic missiles which have the potential to reach the U.S. shores.

Rex Tillerson, U.S. Secretary of State disclosed that Washington wishes to eventually talk to North Korea however, he thinks talks would not be beneficial if Pyongyang’s objective is on keeping its nuclear weapons.

Wang’s declaration repeated Beijing’s motion for a “double suspension.” Beijing proposed a stoppage of the North Korean nuclear advancement as well joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises. It is considered to be the most legitimate way to lessen tensions and make conditions for new negotiations.


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