The Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing

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A standardized test is a form of an assessment formulated by professionals who are experts in its field. This test is presented and released for the schools to utilize it. A standardized test is a kind of test that test takers are asked to answer the uniform questions based on the learning competencies followed by all the schools. The students who will take the test are of the same grade level and are scored in the same manner. In this way, teachers or evaluators can make a comparative analysis on students’ performance.

There are many pros of standardized testing. It is a useful tool in school. It serves as a spectacle for it gives a vivid picture to the questions whether the student struggles, achieves, or progresses on the fundamentals of their respective grade levels.  It is simple to conduct, so it will only take a short period of time. The most advantageous feature of a standardized test is its characteristic of being measurable.  Through measuring students’ achievements, teachers can determine the competency levels. The result of the test helps the educators to distinguish students who need to attend a remedial program.

Moreover, it gives educators a prevalent view to compare and contrast the scores of the students coming from the same grade levels and even other schools. The gathered information then gives an impression of the weak and strong areas in the test.  The result of a standardized test will be the determining factor regarding curriculum making and seminars. Supervisors will then instruct principals to augment teacher’s methods and to enhance curriculum to suit the learner’s needs.

On the other hand, there are also cons in a standardized test. Such as, test items are not aligned to skills in the classroom context. It is apparent that questions are generalized, so it only assesses general knowledge and comprehension. A standardized test does not measure higher-order thinking skills. The questions are limited which make it not useful to determine student’s ability.

It uses a multiple choice type of test which affects the validity of the test for some students happened to choose the correct answer by chance. The scores of a standardized test are scores are considerably affected by factors which are not related to academic like span of attention and fatigue.

Standardized testing may be advantageous or disadvantageous, but what is important is that educators have basis and principle as their bedrock to test learners’ skills and competence to bring out productive citizens in the country.




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