A Tickling Moment

Once there was a lass
Zipping a juice on the glass
While the juice penetrated in her throat
There was something that sprouts in her thought

In a glance, she opened a website
Browsing all over, there was a thing that caught her sight
A wonderful profile of a man online
Instantly she sent a message which trembled her spine
Afraid to be ignored by this lad
In a few minutes, he responded which made me glad

Conley E.Bailey was his name
In my mind, this Bailey belongs to the hall of fame
As I regarded it as a brand of wine
Through our conversations, he moved my mind
I find him a one of a kind.

Both of us do not know what will transpire
All I know is that I am inspire
Till then soldier the great!
We will just see what will be our fate
Will we end up as a soulmate?


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