Do I Have to Fall for You?

     He is a man whom I have not known
     But truly I discerned to know him because he turns me on
     Since the day we talked I asked myself with a big why?
     I even solicit answers up in the sky.
     He is a man whose shadow is still a phantom
     But my desire to know him keeps going on
     What a foolish heart I have borne?
     Unexpected, the answers are found as it suddenly shone
     I like him because he is a man of wisdom
     To talk to him is never a dull moment or a boredom
     He is a man of honor in his own kingdom
     Who possesses the power to lure to forget the realm
     But then again question and fear keep on repeatin’
     Though I assured my heart there is no turnin’
     Still, my mind keeps on rollin’
     Till now my mind and heart keep fightin’.
     Why do I have to fall to you? Do I have to fall to you?
     My heart says stop beatin’ stop confusin’
     He is nice and you will not feel hurtin’
     Don’t be foolish or else you will be longin’ in vain
     The fear of my heart now cease
     My heart and my mind are now at peace
     Generalizations about him make it ease
     Because I realized that he is a perfect masterpiece!

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