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Welcome to WCA! WCA provides affordable, competitive and quality travel accommodations and packages to individuals and families worldwide. Hi, I am Marshia, one of the affiliates of WCA. Do you love to travel, but hate the inconvenience of going to a ticketing office, falling in line and waiting for someone to attend your needs? WCA is the answer. Let me do it for your convenience as a WCA affiliate. For inquiries about flights, hotels and tour packages, just contact this number, 09193523683/ 09267637336 or send your message here on Facebook (

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Travel, Enjoy and Have Fun!

Live life to the fullest!

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Born To Be A Star, Is She Really Meant For It?

Every time this baby goes to the malls, to the market place and everywhere else, she catches the attention of almost everyone around. She is just a small little girl who has a big round eyes, which is something bluish. Her eyes has short curly eyelashes. Most of the people call her ” the baby with angelic face”. Her parents always compliments and have been told that she is going to be a star. Is she really meant to be a star? She is not usually expose for she is just tended by her grandma at home, since her parents are both working. Weekends are her days when she ca get out of her shelter and be exposed to the outside world.

She can dance, can sing and of course act some situations. Her favorite dance craze is Despacito and Baby Shark. She should be discovered that is what the word of mouths of the people in the locality. Is this just a prediction or a thing meant for her?