Brangelina Divorce Update: Jolie Schemes a Show in the Plane for Brad Pitt Unveiled

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - February 05, 2014

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce case eventually turned messy as the investigation progressed for more shocking revelations were coming out in the open.

Prior to Jolie’s case filing, it has been rumored that the plane incident was what convinced her. It has been said in the incident that Pitt had a physical fight among one of his kids, Maddox. Through the said occurrence, the Hollywood actor was subject to investigation of child exploitation, HNGN cited.

But, the investigators upon the progress of the case had found something that could be used to as an evidence to put into weight over the case. In Touch Magazine, it was disclosed that Jolie intended to set up Pitt for him to turn out of having flaws to the public and to his six children as well.

The recent report clamored that the incident has been set up by Jolie and everything that transpired was absolutely prearranged. This would then accused the actor of a child abuse. To spread over the crusade against the actor was the other intention.

The couple’s fans are disgusted about the divorce battle which apparently turned dirty with a lot of surprising facts that were unveiled as the investigation continues.

According to rumors, before the actress filed a divorce, she covertly rented a house as her hiding abode along with her children and all of a sudden she came out in the open to break an outrageous news which the actor was fully heedless. With her moves, there was an underlying question that puzzled everyone if she really set up everything as the means of going about for a divorce battle.

As for the moment, the couple’s combined assets cost $400 million caused the divorce to be horribly dramatic for the ex-couple to be. According to a report, the prenuptial agreement was fix and rigid, yet the two fought over their rights to all the dollars that they owned.

However, thanks to Jolie’s crusade, for Pitt has no plan to break up his assets because prior to their marriage the actor owns the bulk of it.


Ed Sheeran Discloses Taylor Swift’s Secret on Safeguarding Music

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Taylor Swift’s song has never been heard that  it leaked to people before it is launched. It would really never happen for Tay  (Swift) would do everything to make it impossible to transpire, Ed Sheeran revealed.

The singer of the hit song”Thinking Out Loud” unveiled that Swift had taken extra effort and would safeguard at wide breadths for her music to be preserved. In fact, she was so keen engaging with people who would ship her song across the globe to keep it shielded, said ENews. 

The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, Sheeran added that Swift had never sent new songs. It is definitely a big no for Tay to do that, according to Just Jared in an interview with the singer. Furthermore, he said that “I hear them but it has to be with her.”

Moreover, Sheeran, Swift’s friend, said that when he can’t get to hear his friend’s new song, it means that she has appointed people to do it.

Sheeran recalled that when he did a song for Swift’s album while in San Francisco, Tay had her messenger flew over and met him. The messenger had brought along a briefcase which was tightly locked with an iPad. It had a song on it which the messenger played and surprisingly it was the song that he had done for Tay, according to NME.

It had a song on it which the messenger played and surprisingly it was the song that he had done for Tay. After playing, he was asked whether he liked it. Of course, the singer-composer said “Yeah”. Thus the messenger flew back and that was it, that’s how he has heard the music.

Apart from sharing on how  Tay kept her music protected, he disclosed that the factor of being unpopular had helped him and Tay become successful in the industry. He said both of them were not popular when they were a school kid. Then all of a sudden they become the most popular.What motivated them to become successful was the underdog element that they had experienced. He explained that he has been told that he can’t make it and he would never be like.

This drove him and his friend as they have shared common wants. Tay looked forward to as the biggest female artist and while he would be the biggest male artist.

Thus, for those who undermined him,  “F_ _k  you, I can.” is Sheeran’s message.




Mariah Carey launches “I Don’t” single: All Eyes Set to Mariah and Tanaka’s Display of Affection

Mariah Carey seemed to have moved on from her broken engagement with the Australian businessman and investor James Packer. It appeared that the singer-songwriter has been bestowed with all the best, a new video featuring the song “I Don’t “, a new hit, and most of all a new lover.

At the launch party of her newest song “I Don’t”, the singer revealed that the single tells about her failed engagement. Though it was about it, Carey looked happy with the presence of Bryan Tanaka, her recent boyfriend who has been her backup dancer for years. All eyes were set on the singer and of course on her beau. The couple displayed their affection in public through kissing, laughing and dancing each other in front of the cameras, according to MCA.

The pop icon’s newest hit has been very controversial for it has shown her actual wedding gown of the unpursued union with her billionaire boyfriend. In the video,  the singer set the gown into the blazing fire. It has been reported that the gown cost  £200,000.

On her newest hit was an expression that she has moved from the ill-fated engagement. In real-life, did the singer really have moved on? Whether the singer’s action in the launching party with Tanaka was just a performance to show that she has moved on or for real, what was important was that Carey looked so happy that whole night which was noticed on her pretty face.

Way back at the start of 2016, Mariah Carey got herself engaged to James packer, a media mogul, but rumors circulated that the two had split in October prior to their wedding date.

Speculations followed then that her billionaire boyfriend discarded her for her overspending and luxuriously spending on her “Mariah’s World ” show. It was where the singer spen£80,000 per month over exotic flowers she sent for herself wherever the show was, revealed a friend close to her, said The Sun.

The 46-year-old singer said that she adheres in true love and she won’t quit finding in spite of the two failures that she had with her exes.


Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s Fight Upsets Isaac: Fans Bash Lowry

The Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry, had the cameras on to shoot in advance some scenes for the show. It was revealed that on summer Javi Marroquin went home, however, the flick which had just shown on air exhibited the actor’s dealings Kailyn, Isaac, and Lincoln. It has been reported that Lowry was alleged to be deceiving her husband.

Marroquin has been involved in a rumor that he was disloyal to her wife for cheating her as well. The real story has remained unknown, yet the fans had thought of it to unfold that it affected Isaac who was disturbed on how his parents came into it. Kailyn Lowry has said that she would hear a dispute with her husband from Jo Rivera who has been her ex-boyfriend and the father of Isaac. Lowry added that she would do it for the sake of her son who has been fed up, Radar Online said.

Harsh fans have been bashing the actress. Lowry has received all the rude and disgusting names from the fans who scrutinized her on her parenting abilities. This had happened for weeks which caused Marroquin to appeal to the fans to stop bashing. Till Lowry has decided to defend herself against the haters.Through her blog, the Teen Mom 2 star had written an open letter for her haters. Regardless of how Lowry had explained herself, the opinion of the people about her cannot be changed anymore.

Speculations have been circulating that Lowry has to leave Teen Mom 2. Though she had considered it her means of living, she has set her mind when she will be done with her studies there would be no more reality show. For years she has lived a life being a public figure and she been doing good.

The episode of Teen Mom 2 last week, the actress was seen chasing around Marroquin. Though her relationship with her husband has become controversial, the fans were aware that there would be a heavy drama on their break-up and divorce issues. The fans felt the pain of Isaac on how he had handled the situation, said the Hollywood Gossip.

The reunion of Teen Mom 2 has to be taken soon and definitely. Lowry has to iterate a lot with Dr. Drew Pinsky on the hot seat.

DeGeneres Relates The Plot of Disney’s Finding Dory toTrump’s Mandate

American comedian, Ellen DeGeneres has expressed her stand on the executive order that President Donald Trump has recently released. The television host has utilized the plot of one of the most popular cartoon movie “Finding Dory” as her way of showing her standpoint on immigration and refugees.

DeGeneres who has been an actress, writer, and producer, vocalized the main character of the Disney hit “Finding Dory”. Meanwhile, Trump has spent his time on the weekend at the White House hosting the screening of the film in animation, said the Fox News.

On Monday, on her TV talk show, DeGeneres has given an analysis of the fish that she vocally-portrayed which stuck on the enormous wall of an aquarium. She said that confining Dory and some other fishes was a futile move for it would not stop them to mull over on how to be to be back to the ocean. Thus, confining them and blocking them into the large wall has no impact, according to Miami Herald.

Furthermore, Degeneres added that Dory got an aid or help from other creatures in the sea regardless of their differences in color. The host concluded that the act of the sea creatures of helping Dory was just right because it was what someone ought to do when somebody needed a help.


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