Love with Hesitation

Can this be love, I am feeling right now?

If this is love, I know is not enow’

I’d rather keep the feelings inside

It would be better if I’ll just hide

To let you know my insanity

I don’t wanna be regarded as crazy

For loving a man who is famous


While this lass is merely anonymous

Do I have to fall for you remains a question

Since I gonna take it with me to my oblivion.

Alas! Isn’t forgetting you a damnation?

Why should let this feeling I had for you go?

If you are famous, then I turn myself illustrious

I won’t quit, to this dream I pursue

Till the day I am worthy enough to have you.


Ode To A Mom

She is only a human
But she protects me like a superman.
She always loves uncondtionally
Even though sometimes she is teary.

I love her more than what she deserves
She is always there to serve.
My mom isn’t perfect
But her decision is absolutely terrific!

The Essence of The Holy Cross

When I look at the huge mysterious cross,
On which the Holy Son offered His holy ghost,
My deepest pain of guilt run through my veins,
Repentance should start now in the hearts of people who let sin reigns,
Look at His body,His arms, His knees and His face ,
Sadness dominates on  it if you will trace,
Tracks of sharp thorns,remind us how rude is our race,
Did ever He deserve to frown for a scornful crown?
While it is not too late I must humble down,
Beg  pardon for all the bad things I have done,
And do desirable things for His glory,
For it is through our faith that we’ll be save,so I keep it in my memory,
Dying in the mysterious cross He save our souls,
We owe Him for that magnificent deed, we must be grateful and not be fools,
It is a great sign of His divine love and amazing grace to his people,
You and I should value the importance of that mysterious cross and be truthful.