First Love

I’ve met a guy named Edmund

He was sweet like chocolate almond

A stranger who came to our town

To build up a project there down

He stayed in a nearby apartment

With his staff and crew in the department

One early morning their group passed by

A guy in his mid-thirties waved and said hifirst love

The warm greeting was ignored for this girl is shy

Days have gone by when finally he was introduced

The way he looked at me was like I’m seduced

He captured my heart and made me totally slave

First love sprang, to his love and warmth I craved.

You and I had moments of happiness on the beach

You proudly told the crowd I’m yours in your speech.

It made me tongue-tied as they hailed for us

But happy days ended when someone trespass

All of a sudden, she took you away from me

The scene was still so fresh in my memory

It transpired during my busy days in May.

Tragically we ended up losing each other

But sometime in one cold night of November

You begged me to stop, for us to talk for a while

Then handed me down a photo of you with a smile

You told me to check the photo paper at the back

There I was your address for me to track

Your pouty lips grinned and opened up in thirst

Requesting me that if I still care, I’d write you first

The feeling was still there, but my ego reigned

Thus, I did not write and erased you in my mind.

How sad the story was, about my first love.

Yet, if there was a chance, I would want a rewind.


Love with Hesitation

Can this be love, I am feeling right now?

If this is love, I know is not enow’

I’d rather keep the feelings inside

It would be better if I’ll just hide

To let you know my insanity

I don’t wanna be regarded as crazy

For loving a man who is famous


While this lass is merely anonymous

Do I have to fall for you remains a question

Since I gonna take it with me to my oblivion.

Alas! Isn’t forgetting you a damnation?

Why should let this feeling I had for you go?

If you are famous, then I turn myself illustrious

I won’t quit, to this dream I pursue

Till the day I am worthy enough to have you.

Falling In Love

I have feelings which I cannot express

For I know falling in love takes risk

This such emotion is inevitable

I can’t resist, this beat is uncomfortable.

Do I have to fall for you?

If I do, will you love me too?

Is it worth it to love someone famous?

While this lass is a mere anonymous.

Do I have to fall for you?

My heart says yes but my mind says no.

You never know how much I love you

Yet an extraordinary thing happen

An instance that widened my eyes open

In the realm where I never know if it’s a fantasy

All I know I am in your arms, oh my ecstasy!

I don’t wanna close my eyes anymore

For I never want to ask myself once more.

Whether I have to fall for you or not

All I can see are blooming touch-me-not

Deep inside I know this won’t last

But daring to love you is not a lust

Taking the risk is a sort of courage

The memories will remain until old age

Regrets do not cross into my mind

Not getting rid of the question makes you mine.


Why museums should be free?

Museums are strategically designed as places where objects of historical significance, aesthetically pleasing relics and handicrafts, and things of scientific interest are exhibited. These valuable things are preserved in such art galleries not to boast it, but to remind the youth of this generation that these artifacts reveal its country’s culture.

Through museums and art galleries people have something to reminisce about the past. Keeping it in a place is one way of preserving one’s cultural heritage. Thus, having the chance to glance it should not be deprived by the people. It should be that people are free to view these things handed by their ancestors. By doing so, the youth of today can deeply appreciate the heroism, traits, and skills manifested by their ancestors in the past. It should be a privilege that everyone can see the traces in the past. Those traces can truly inspire the youth that the heroic deeds done by their forefathers contribute to the freedom that they are enjoying now. Thus, it could awaken their spirit of patriotism and it could come to their senses things that are worthy of emulation.

The work of art exhibited in the museums is a good example of creativity. Apparently, it can motivate aspiring artists and others to use their potentials. By knowing that such work of art is given importance, individuals who are gifted with such talents would be more encouraged to develop and to pursue its career in the field of art. Eventually, it would lead them to be notable artists in the future. Therefore, museums should not ask for an entrance fee. It should be free of charge because it promotes producing citizens who could make contributions to the national development.

There are many people who are curious to know what is enclosed in the museum. However, it is sad to note that they are deprived of what they ought to see because of its cost. Even if they are eager to see what is inside, its eagerness has gone away for the reason that they need to pay. It is ironic to know that museums try to foster nationalism, artistry and scientific knowledge such as inventions, but then the opportunity to see the evidence of its evolution is barred behind expensive doors.

Such treasures are government properties and safeguarded by government employees. Thus, to pay such entrance fee is no longer a need. Every individual should have the right to see the works of famous artists, famous heroes, and other significant historical and cultural figures in their country.

Free admission to museums and art galleries is a good way of molding young individuals to become responsible citizens in the country. It builds a sense of ownership and a sense of leadership towards its country. It makes them proud that their country has developed.

The point of providing the people their privilege for viewing what a museum has to offer is a national concern. They must make a bill pertaining to it. Once this bill of free admission to museums and art galleries is implemented, the people would surely enjoy the scenery that it brings. They will be acquainted with the memorabilia of the past and with the present creations. With the knowledge and beauty it brings, people are more collaborative to make a change in the society.

They would like to be among the people in the hall of fame who make a difference in the country. It is an honor and pride that one can contribute something worthwhile to the society, may it be in the field of art, literature or sciences. Once a person is recognized being rewarded in a Nobel Prize, another person is also encouraged and inspired to make a name. One thing that builds a nation is a person’s excellence in those aspects. This excellence then will be exhibited in museums. Thus, it is a need to augment people’s talents and skills because somehow these potentials could be an asset to the nation.

It is really a must that museums should be free. Museums display nothing but the best, thus it is not right to pay the cost of this cultural heritage. Everyone should see and should know what the country has. One should be concerned with this issue because of the fact that not everyone can afford to pay it. It is the duty of the government to let everyone know the history, customs, and tradition of the country. It is as well the duty of the government to expose scientific studies and scientific inventions for the people to be aware of its development and achievement.

The perfect venue of these objects of historical significance, aesthetically pleasing relics and handicrafts, and things of scientific interest is no other than the museums. Therefore, museums and art galleries should be free.


Brangelina Divorce Update: Jolie Schemes a Show in the Plane for Brad Pitt Unveiled

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - February 05, 2014

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce case eventually turned messy as the investigation progressed for more shocking revelations were coming out in the open.

Prior to Jolie’s case filing, it has been rumored that the plane incident was what convinced her. It has been said in the incident that Pitt had a physical fight among one of his kids, Maddox. Through the said occurrence, the Hollywood actor was subject to investigation of child exploitation, HNGN cited.

But, the investigators upon the progress of the case had found something that could be used to as an evidence to put into weight over the case. In Touch Magazine, it was disclosed that Jolie intended to set up Pitt for him to turn out of having flaws to the public and to his six children as well.

The recent report clamored that the incident has been set up by Jolie and everything that transpired was absolutely prearranged. This would then accused the actor of a child abuse. To spread over the crusade against the actor was the other intention.

The couple’s fans are disgusted about the divorce battle which apparently turned dirty with a lot of surprising facts that were unveiled as the investigation continues.

According to rumors, before the actress filed a divorce, she covertly rented a house as her hiding abode along with her children and all of a sudden she came out in the open to break an outrageous news which the actor was fully heedless. With her moves, there was an underlying question that puzzled everyone if she really set up everything as the means of going about for a divorce battle.

As for the moment, the couple’s combined assets cost $400 million caused the divorce to be horribly dramatic for the ex-couple to be. According to a report, the prenuptial agreement was fix and rigid, yet the two fought over their rights to all the dollars that they owned.

However, thanks to Jolie’s crusade, for Pitt has no plan to break up his assets because prior to their marriage the actor owns the bulk of it.