Xiaomi to Invade North America With Mexico Launch of Redmi Note 4 Smartphone

Xiaomi has disclosed its plans to launch the Redmi Note 4 smartphone in Mexico. (YouTube)

Xiaomi has disclosed its plans to launch the Redmi Note 4 smartphone in Mexico. (YouTube)

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is getting ready to invade the North American market.

The company valued at $45 billion has disclosed its plans to launch the Redmi Note 4 smartphone in Mexico. The phone will be available at Coppel, Best Buy, and Sam’s Club at the end of May.

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Orbital to launch cargo to space

by: M.G.

From a NASA rocket platform, a rocket is expected to take off from the International Space Station this Tuesday.It is filled with food to supply the astronauts’ needs.

Curling up upon Atlas V rocket, the castrated Cygnus cargo ship hovered to soar up concurrent to a 30-minute fire window which started at 11:11 am (1511GMT) from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Behind the cargo ship’s operation was the Orbital ATK as a component of its $1.9 billion deal with NASA being the orbiting post’s carrier of equipment and provisions. To note, this is Orbital ATK’s seventh mission to space.

Crew supplies, hardware, experiments on growing food and cancer supplies are loaded to the spaceship which weighed 7,626 pounds or 3,359 kilograms. On April 22, it is anticipated to reach at the station subsequent to the appointed landing on Thursday with Fyodor Yurchikhin, a Russian Soyuz spaceship carrying cosmonaut and Jack Fischer, an American astronaut cited PHYS ORG.

The astronauts then will unload the Cygnus. However, upon its re-entry into its earth’s atmosphere, the Cygnus has to be loaded with trash that will burn up along with the spaceship. Cygnus has to consume time to run an electronic experiment to check on how fire behaves in microgravity, before its mission comes to a red-hot ending.

The experiment popularly noted as Saffire-III is the third in a series intended to ignite a huge-scale of fire in microgravity. A statement from NASA pointed out that while in space after it has traveled a secure range from the station, a data will be collected when the fire is lit before coming back to the earth’s atmosphere.

The experiment is expected to last for two hours and thirty minutes, wherein 20 minutes is allotted to the burning of the fabric which measures 0.4 meters in width and one meter in height, according to Tribune.

Orbital ATK’s Cygnus Cargo Spacecraft Launches to the ISS

The objective of the experiment is to fully comprehend the behavior of fire in space and to protect missions to space in the future. NASA said that the launch will be broadcast via 360-degree live stream. Through that state -of the- art facility, the public can virtually view the base of the rocket subsequently on the launch itself.

iPhone 8 Most Awaited Release Date Finally Disclose

Apple CEO Faces Investors Seeking More of $137 Billion Hoard

On September, the iPhone 7 was released, however with that model it only featured repetitive upgrades. A lot of Apple fans have been waiting and looking forward of the iPhone 8. iPhone’s tenth anniversary falls this year 2017, Steve Jobs reported it on 9 January 2007. It was then released on June 29 that same year.

With that important event to fall, reports claimed that Apple forebears some of the most pioneering and innovative features for 2017 model which people anticipated to be named iPhone 8.

All the rumors and leaks have been summed up, thus if one is not impressed of iPhone’s 7 attributes, one would know what the next model has to offer.

As the second half of March has crossed by, yet the rumor continued that Apple has to introduce new gadgets this month, maybe next week. However, the concentration of this quite fully-hypothetical issue seemed to be new iPads. It also stayed the delve of Apple to showcase the three simply refreshed iPhones covered an updated iPhone SE with 128GB storage which doubles the current model’s capacity,  the new editions of iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus.

According to MacRumors, at the start of the month, Target was advised to return its current iPhone SE inventory to Apple. This implied that there would be new phones to be released in the near-term pipeline.

Meanwhile, customers have to wait to see new iPhones to the soonest with advanced features. Speculations lingered that these new iPhones with salient features are reserved to be released on the tenth anniversary which comes this Fall.

On the other hand, techradar reported that Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to be released six months from now. Fans are now 3D Touch deep into new rumors about its 2017 smartphone.

Big changes will arrive soon for in the last three years changes were not visible, thus be ready to be amazed.


UK to Launch Satellites From Home Soil for the First Time



By Marshia Garcia, | February 23, 2017


A proposed bill has been submitted that would allow the UK to conduct research and studies on space. The government had allocated a budget of about 10 million pounds. The draft legislation will be unveiled this week.

The new proposal advocates the launch of commercial satellites for the first time from British soil. It would serve as a breaking ground for the formulation of spaceports in the UK. The program is expected to start in 2020, according to the Spaceflight Bill.

Read more: http://www.telegiz.com/articles/15994/20170223/uk-launch-satellites-home-soil-first-time-new-proposal.htm#ixzz4aRBUUCLT

Read more: http://www.telegiz.com/articles/15994/20170223/uk-launch-satellites-home-soil-first-time-new-proposal.htm#ixzz4aRBUUCLT





Radeon RX Vega: New AMD Vega-Based Graphics Card Announced

By Marshia Garcia , | March 01, 2017

Read more: http://www.telegiz.com/articles/16503/20170301/radeon-rx-vega-new-amd-based-graphics-card-announced.htm#ixzz4aAyKJ94P

Koduri announced the upcoming graphics cards during AMD's Capsaicin & Cream press event. (Ariq Al Farouq/CC BY-SA 3.0)

Koduri announced the upcoming graphics cards during AMD’s Capsaicin & Cream press event. (Ariq Al Farouq/CC BY-SA 3.0)

The head of AMD Raja Koduri has revealed that the company would launch a Vega-based Graphic Cards called Radeon R Vega which can perform twice the minimum frame rate.

Koduri announced the upcoming graphics cards during AMD’s Capsaicin & Cream press event.