First Love

I’ve met a guy named Edmund

He was sweet like chocolate almond

A stranger who came to our town

To build up a project there down

He stayed in a nearby apartment

With his staff and crew in the department

One early morning their group passed by

A guy in his mid-thirties waved and said hifirst love

The warm greeting was ignored for this girl is shy

Days have gone by when finally he was introduced

The way he looked at me was like I’m seduced

He captured my heart and made me totally slave

First love sprang, to his love and warmth I craved.

You and I had moments of happiness on the beach

You proudly told the crowd I’m yours in your speech.

It made me tongue-tied as they hailed for us

But happy days ended when someone trespass

All of a sudden, she took you away from me

The scene was still so fresh in my memory

It transpired during my busy days in May.

Tragically we ended up losing each other

But sometime in one cold night of November

You begged me to stop, for us to talk for a while

Then handed me down a photo of you with a smile

You told me to check the photo paper at the back

There I was your address for me to track

Your pouty lips grinned and opened up in thirst

Requesting me that if I still care, I’d write you first

The feeling was still there, but my ego reigned

Thus, I did not write and erased you in my mind.

How sad the story was, about my first love.

Yet, if there was a chance, I would want a rewind.


Love with Hesitation

Can this be love, I am feeling right now?

If this is love, I know is not enow’

I’d rather keep the feelings inside

It would be better if I’ll just hide

To let you know my insanity

I don’t wanna be regarded as crazy

For loving a man who is famous


While this lass is merely anonymous

Do I have to fall for you remains a question

Since I gonna take it with me to my oblivion.

Alas! Isn’t forgetting you a damnation?

Why should let this feeling I had for you go?

If you are famous, then I turn myself illustrious

I won’t quit, to this dream I pursue

Till the day I am worthy enough to have you.

Falling In Love

I have feelings which I cannot express

For I know falling in love takes risk

This such emotion is inevitable

I can’t resist, this beat is uncomfortable.

Do I have to fall for you?

If I do, will you love me too?

Is it worth it to love someone famous?

While this lass is a mere anonymous.

Do I have to fall for you?

My heart says yes but my mind says no.

You never know how much I love you

Yet an extraordinary thing happen

An instance that widened my eyes open

In the realm where I never know if it’s a fantasy

All I know I am in your arms, oh my ecstasy!

I don’t wanna close my eyes anymore

For I never want to ask myself once more.

Whether I have to fall for you or not

All I can see are blooming touch-me-not

Deep inside I know this won’t last

But daring to love you is not a lust

Taking the risk is a sort of courage

The memories will remain until old age

Regrets do not cross into my mind

Not getting rid of the question makes you mine.


Do I Have to Fall for You?

     He is a man whom I have not known
     But truly I discerned to know him because he turns me on
     Since the day we talked I asked myself with a big why?
     I even solicit answers up in the sky.
     He is a man whose shadow is still a phantom
     But my desire to know him keeps going on
     What a foolish heart I have borne?
     Unexpected, the answers are found as it suddenly shone
     I like him because he is a man of wisdom
     To talk to him is never a dull moment or a boredom
     He is a man of honor in his own kingdom
     Who possesses the power to lure to forget the realm
     But then again question and fear keep on repeatin’
     Though I assured my heart there is no turnin’
     Still, my mind keeps on rollin’
     Till now my mind and heart keep fightin’.
     Why do I have to fall to you? Do I have to fall to you?
     My heart says stop beatin’ stop confusin’
     He is nice and you will not feel hurtin’
     Don’t be foolish or else you will be longin’ in vain
     The fear of my heart now cease
     My heart and my mind are now at peace
     Generalizations about him make it ease
     Because I realized that he is a perfect masterpiece!

A Tickling Moment

Once there was a lass
Zipping a juice on the glass
While the juice penetrated in her throat
There was something that sprouts in her thought

In a glance, she opened a website
Browsing all over, there was a thing that caught her sight
A wonderful profile of a man online
Instantly she sent a message which trembled her spine
Afraid to be ignored by this lad
In a few minutes, he responded which made me glad

Conley E.Bailey was his name
In my mind, this Bailey belongs to the hall of fame
As I regarded it as a brand of wine
Through our conversations, he moved my mind
I find him a one of a kind.

Both of us do not know what will transpire
All I know is that I am inspire
Till then soldier the great!
We will just see what will be our fate
Will we end up as a soulmate?